Three Pointers To Choosing The Right Petrol Hedge Trimmer

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If you are thinking about buying a petrol hedge trimmer and looking at different brands and models on the market.

One of the most important things you will need to take into consideration is the blade length. In order to avoid ending up getting a model which is completely wrong for the type of work you need to do in the garden.

Here are three useful pointers that should help you in making the correct blade choice.

Blade Action

Choosing your hedge trimmer by the kind of blade action it has may save you an aching back if you have a lot of hedging to cut. In this case, you need a double action blade model. As the name suggests, the blades are reciprocating, cancelling out most vibration which can cause short-term aches and pains and serious long-term health problems over an extended period of use.

How Thick is the Material you Need to Cut Through?

wide teeth bladesWhilst no petrol hedge trimmer can be used to replace a chain saw, by getting a model with more power and wide teeth spacing on the blades, you will be able to cut through thicker twigs (a rough guide is that the maximum thickness you should try to cut through is the same as the spacing between the teeth). If you cut your hedges very regularly and only have hedge clippings to deal with, you could choose a narrow teeth model with less power and get a really fine finish on your formal hedging.

How Much Hedging do you Need to Maintain?

formal hedgingThe quantity of hedges and shrubs that you need to maintain in your garden and the amount of time you have available to do it will have a big impact on which is the best type of machine for you. A longer blade one can cut more hedge in a single sweep but on the other hand is heavier and more unwieldy. If you have topiary and other shaped shrubs and bushes in your garden, shorter blades will be a better choice to ensure accurate, neat cutting.

By considering the above mentioned three points when you are choosing your petrol hedge trimmer, you will get the right tool for the job. My advice is that if you want a good general purpose machine for all the jobs you need to get done around the garden, choose one with dual action blades with minimal vibration which will make it a pleasure to use and choose one with twenty-two inch blades. This is a good standard size. You can then choose either the wider tooth blades for rougher hedging or the narrow ones for more formal hedging.

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