Opt For Straightforward Minimum-Maintenance Garden Hedging

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Truth be told there can be nothing nicer on a summer’s morning than to look out onto your garden and tune in to birds singing, perched within the branches on your hedges. It is a nice feeling to know that a hedge that you have maintained, has protected them all through the most extreme cold weather and now they’re repaying you (or so it seems) with their beautiful song.

Environmentally, a hedge is excellent. Putting oxygen back into the atmosphere, locking up carbon inside the timber, usually providing blossoms along with nectar for bumble bees and other insects which themselves, will feed the wild birds and providing fruits and berries that nourish other birds in winter.

bird in hedgeThe downside of all of the delight we get from our shrubs and the knowledge that we are providing some thing good for the environment by planting them could be the reality that all this greenery has to be cut back maybe once or twice annually rather than the once every 5 years for painting a garden fence.

Even so, it need not be a chore – in fact, with the right tool, it could be a positive pleasure and sticking with these couple of basic tips will help you choose the right tool to get the work completed very quickly.

For starters, if your main backyard is little and your hedging is small, say about waist height, all you actually need is a set of rechargeable (battery powered) cordless clippers. In the event you have any bushy shrubs that will also need a trim, these cordless clippers will quickly take care of this job too and you’ll obtain a very good tidy result.

If your hedging is taller than you, consider how you’ll get to the top. Do you really feel confident clambering up steps or cutting platform? If not, you may need to choose a pair of long reach hedge cutters in addition to a hand held clipper. If this is the situation in your garden, then you would be best advised to find some long reach or pole hedge trimmers that have a variable cutting bar head which will enable the top part of the hedging to be trimmed from the floor because the blades can be turned to work at right angles to the handle.

If you have lots of hedging to cut, or a huge garden where it really is difficult to get an electric source to wherever you need to work, then you’d be well advised to select a petrol hedge trimmer. This will not just be a whole lot more powerful than an electric product but will also help you achieve excellent results.

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