Ryobi CHT1850P Cordless Hedge Trimmer

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Read our review of the Ryobi CHT1850P, a lightweight cordless trimmer with a lot to offer for a little price!

With spring already here, many people all over the United Kingdom are taking to their gardens to do some much needed tidying up afte a long winter. One of the most popular features of our gardens are our hedges – but keeping them neat and tidy can be a lot of hard work.

For the average sized garden, there is no need to struggle with manual clippers on grounds of cost-saving. There are several fantastic hedge trimmers available from retailers and online in the UK and there are several manufacturers to choose from too.

The Ryobi CHT1850P is far from being the most expensive model in its class on the market, but as we all know, a high selling price does not always guarantee a quality product. Sitting in the middle of the market range, this trimmer offers a great deal of performance for such a reasonable price – and will definitely save your aching arms and back this spring!

Product features of the Ryobi CHT1850P:

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  • High quality doubled sided blades.
  • A large handle for increased control and grip.
  • A special grip, designed from overmould technology.

Product information:

  • Weight: 3.6kg
  • Warranty: Standard manufacturer warranty.
  • Average price: around £70
    (Prices are always subject to change.)

The Ryobi CHT1850P is an ideal trimmer for users who just want to maintain their own garden hedges, or have small scale clearing and tidying projects (perhaps ovegrown brambles or similar to tidy up). The device itself is extremely well made and has an overall solid build. Featuring a high performance 18 volt battery and dual blades it is perfect for quick and easy trimming. The unit itself is exceptionally light and compares very favourably with other models in the same price range. Its powerful blades are able to cut through medium to dense plants. While being the ideal tool, for keeping hedge rows in order, as mentioned above lightweight trimmers of this type are also perfect for tackling overgrown areas of the garden, such as those overcome by thorns and other obstructions.

What do we Think About this Ryobi Hedge Trimmer?

There are some minor issues with this product – however, they are not serious complications and for the price it represents excellent value.

The battery is perfect for short periods of time and charges fairly quick with an average charging time of around half an hour. For prolonged use, a single battery may be insufficient, which can lead to a lot of downtime while the unit is recharged. This tool is one of the Ryobi One Plus (One+) range which means that batteries are interchangeable between tools in this range which is a very useful feature. Learn more about the One Plus range of tools in the video below.

There are a couple of other minor design faults, the double sided 450 mm reciprocating blades themselves are perfect, although the unit like many others is prone to jam, should you try to cut through growth that is thicker than the unit is designed for. On a unit of this size, the cutting capacity is for twigs and stems with a diameter of up to 10mm – that is less than half an inch but should be more than adequate for hedge maintenance.

We would definitely recommend the Ryobi CHT1850P for home use in small to medium sized gardens. It probably would not be suitable for the professional gardener except for smaller trimming jobs where power supply is not available or in difficult to access areas.

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However, for the home user, if you are looking for a great general purpose trimmer, this model is the ideal purchase. Even if you do not have a local retailer who can supply the machine and other Ryobi accessories, including secondary batteries, chargers, blades and other replacement parts, these are readily available from Amazon in the UK often at discount prices and always with speedy delivery. Backed up with the confidence provided by the manufacturers warranty, your Ryobi CHT1850P trimmer represents excellent value for money and should provide good service in your garden – and save your aching back too!

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