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PleaseĀ use the link above to visit my USA Gas Hedge Trimmer Shop where you will be able to browse a wide range of Gas Hedge Trimmers and other Tools and Power Tools. I have created this as a separate page for visitors to this site from the USA.

Important points to consider if you live in the USA.

Many gas powered machines are non CARB compliant. What does this mean? In California, very strict air quality standards apply. C.A.R.B. is an acronym for the California Air Resource Board and this is where the term originates from. Nowadays, these same stringent quality standards have been applied in many other states and a machine that states that is does not meet these standards will not be able to be sold, or used in States where this rule applies.

You should also bear in mind that although engines that do comply with the CARB standards burn fuel much more cleanly than other models, they do still emit some pollutants.

If you have concerns, you can read more about the California Air Resource Board by using the link I have provided.

Amazon make the process of deciding whether a model is suitable for use where you live, or not. They state whether or not machines are Carb-compliant. You will findĀ models that do comply with all relevant legislation in the State where you live and manufacturers have worked hard to produce clean air engines that reduce emitted pollutants to a minimum.

Tanaka Commercial Grade Gas Powered Hedge TrimmerThe best selling model and the one with the highest customer satisfaction rating when measured in terms of the number of stars given in reviews is the Tanaka Commercial Grade Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer 20-Inch Double-Sided Blades 21cc 1.1 HP 2-Stroke THT-2000, this model is not available for sale in California. To search for this or any model in the shop, use the search facility in the sidebar to search by manufacturer or model.

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