Petrol Long Reach Hedge Trimmer – Mitox 265-LRH

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If you are looking for exceptional value for money, reliability and ease of use in a petrol long reach hedge trimmer, our Mitox 265-LRH review could demonstrate that this model will tick all the boxes for you.

The Mitox 265-LRH is available from – use this link to navigate to the product page –

Mitox 265LRH Long Reach Petrol Hedgetrimmer

It has a powerful 2–stroke, full crank 25.4cc engine which not only gives excellent reliability and durability but also, outstanding performance. It is equipped with double reciprocating blades, 40cm (16”) in length. These are double action blades and the cutting head bar is adjustable, making it easy to deal with all shapes of bushes and shrubs and cut the tops of taller hedging from the ground with ease. You can angle the blades to work at whichever is most comfortable for you, whether you are left-handed, or right-handed. They are ideal for shaping and trimming of all kinds, allowing you to get the job done efficiently – and fast!

Surprisingly, for a long reach design model with an overall length of 2.3 metres (7’ 6”) and with a powerful engine like this one, the Mitox 265-LRH is only 6.1 kg in weight and is extremely well-balanced. The combination of these two features means that you can manoeuvre the trimmer with ease and avoid the fatigue resulting from using a heavy or unbalanced machine. In addition, this versatile model from Mitox, has an ergonomically designed rubberised handle with extra length foam padding to reduce vibration and make the machine even more comfortable to use – even for prolonged periods of time.

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Optional attachment tools are firstly, a 10” Chain Tree Pruner, that enables you to turn your long reach hedge trimmer into a powered pole pruner and secondly a Brush cutter kit with a loop handle. Both attachments are easily bolted on.

The Mitox 265-LRH comes with a two year warranty for domestic use.

Here is a YouTube video showing the capabilities of the mighty Mitox! You will be amazed at the great job this machine does on hedges, brush and lopping branches – take a look!

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