Fiskars Telescopic Universal Cutter Review

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If you are looking for a telescopic cutter that can cope with most cutting jobs in your garden, the Fiskars Universal Telescopic Garden Cutter could be just what you are looking for, especially if you need to cut dry hard wood. It is also a very useful tool if you have concerns about back strain or injuries caused by trying to reach those hard to get to branches as its extendable shaft with a reach of 3.4 meters makes these jobs so much easier.

The anvil design of the blades in this Fiskars cutter make it really useful for cutting out dead and dried out wood – vital if you want to encourage new, young growth on your hedges and shrubs and keep fruiting and specimen trees in good condition and free from disease as the very clean cut enables the tree or shrub to heal more quickly with less chance of fungal or other infection getting in.

I particularly like this tool because I am getting too old to be climbing up ladders and stepladders! The telescopic action of this tool means I can cut way above my head – the shaft adjusts to a maximum of 3.4 meters – that’s about 11 feet in old money! Taking into account my height and the blade at the end, I can reach even further than this up to around 5 meters, so I can reach pretty much anything I need to from the safety of the ground.

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Cutting power is activated by simply sliding the orange handle and cutting at full stretch is made easier by just pulling the orange end knob as this takes a lot of the strain out of cutting these bigger shrubs and higher branches. However, there is a downside with this method too, in that you need to be able to take the weight of the pole in one hand to do this operation which might be tricky for some people – although at only around 2 kilograms, it is very lightweight. This tool will happily slice through branches of up to 32 mm (just over an inch) in diameter. (See video demonstration below).

If you have tricky to reach areas in your garden, you will be glad you chose this garden cutter as the cutting head is articulating and can be adjusted by a maximum of 26 degrees to get into those awkward corners. This makes it great for reaching into the crown of trees but also for reaching those cutting jobs right at the back of your borders without any necessity of trying to step over your foreground plantings.

I like the fact that the rotating head is very easy to adjust to the correct position and lock into place with an easy to use lever mechanism. A similar lever on the adjustable pole is all that is needed to lock the pole at the required length and a useful warning label on the inner part of the pole tells you when it is fully extended. Releasing the pole again to readjust is just as easy.

The blades are very sharp and have a PTFE coating to reduce friction and make cutting quicker and easier. A sharp cut, is a clean cut and not only keeps plants looking tidy but is much better for them too. The lightweight aluminium build of this useful machine is really appreciated when working at full adjustment and the soft grip handles make it easy to hold onto and much more comfortable too.

Fiskars are a well known and well respected name in tools and they have a very good reputation for quality in all their products. If you take care of this tool in accordance with the instructions, it should give you great service for years to come – and you have the reassurance of the Fiskars guarantee too.

Fiskars Garden Tools

The video below demonstrates a range of Fiskars garden tools, the universal cutter section starts at the one minute mark if you want to skip forward.

Overall Verdict on this Fiskars Cutter

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If I was to give one word of warning, it is the fact that even collapsed, the pole is still over 7’ 6” in length so you do need to be careful when carrying it around in the garden – especially if you have a greenhouse! Make sure you keep the plastic blade guard that comes with this Fiskars cutter and be sure to use it when storing the machine. I would also recommend lubricating the chain before storage.

My opinion, a good buy at the price and likely to give better service than the cheaper cord operated cutters on the market. Lightweight and easy to use with the versatility to tackle anything up to just over an inch in diameter. Visit the Fiskars Telescopic Universal Cutter product page on Amazon, for more information. [easyazon-cta align=”none” asin=”B0002TTRMQ” height=”28″ key=”amazon-uk-small-orange” locale=”uk” width=”137″]

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