How To Choose The Right Petrol Hedge Trimmer For Your Garden

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The type and size of garden you have (it might be a well-manicured, formal garden or a wild and naturalistic one) will influence your choice of petrol hedge trimmer. Taking the time to really look into the different models on the market will avoid the annoyance of buying a machine which just does not do what you hoped. It really is a question of researching so that you can get the correct trimmer for your requirements.

Here are the main types of petrol machine available for cutting your hedges. I have described their key features and the uses for which they are most suitable.

Take a look at the list and decide which one best suits the requirements you have. It may be that if you have a large garden or are a gardening professional, that you might need more than one type – my list should help you decide.

a small blade trimmer is useful for topiary

With a petrol hedge trimmer, you can get creative!

Small Blade Trimmers are those with a blade length of only about 14″. These little tools are brilliant for the more delicate, shaping operations. You may have box hedging or even a garden topiary to cut and in this case you will find these well worth considering for their ease of use and precision cutting.

Dual action Trimmers have two blades which move in opposite directions ot each other. Vibration is kept to an absolute minimum by the way these blades work and this is a huge benefit to you if you are using the machine for long periods. If you need to choose just one model that you can use for a variety of garden jobs, selecting one with a blade size of about 22″ will stand you in good stead.

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If you have a lot of tall hedging and shrubbery that is way above head height, you need a Pole hedge Trimmer.

You will not have to worry about climbing up ladders to get the job done, you can do it all whilst standing safely on the ground. There is another great benefit to using this type as the blades can be angled so that you can cut the top of your tall hedges as well as the sides.

My quick guide to the types available should help you to arrive at a decision on which is the right petrol hedge trimmer for your requirements.

Now that you have had a think about all the jobs that need doing in your own garden, you might decide you need more than one model to get the best results!
pole hedge trimmer for tall hedges

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