McCulloch M DAHT 25 Petrol Hedge Trimmer Review

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[ad#Adsense Block For Every Post]The McCulloch M DAHT 25 is a great lightweight petrol hedge trimmer that is simple to use for just about anyone, even if they have never used a machine like this before. It is ideally suited for the home garden with small to medium sized hedges and is very easy to start and to use.

The McCulloch M DAHT 25 is powerful and sturdy and will give great service for the home user. It has a set of 56cm dual action blades delivering 1430 cuts per minute. The blades are double sided and work in opposing directions for effective anti vibration, making the machine much more comfortable to use over longer periods of time.

These are quite wide toothed blades with a tooth-gap of 19mm which means you will be able to cut through twiggy growth of 19mm (three quarters of an inch) in diameter without problems.

The power for this great model from McCulloch comes from its high-performance two stroke engine which at 25cc (1.53 cubic inches) is powerful for its size, delivering 0.45 KW (0.6 hp). The maximum recommended engine speed is 6000 rpm. The fuel tank has a large 0.21 litre (7.1 fluid oz) capacity meaning more work between fills (don’t forget to let the engine cool before refilling though – time for a tea break!). It also has a choke and a fuel primer which makes it easy to start and the gearbox has a clutch for added durability.

Amazingly lightweight considering how solid it feels and how hard it works, McCulloch DAHT-25 Petrol Hedge Trimmer weighs only 5.1 kg so there is much less strain on your back, arms and shoulders when working with it. It also has an ergonomically designed handle which makes it comfortable to hold and with the clever vibration damping system it is well balanced, easy to direct the blades for accurate cutting and it really is a pleasure to use.

McCulloch DAHT 25 Petrol Hedge Trimmer

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