Bosch AHS 48 Li Cordless Hedgecutter Review

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This Bosch AHS 48 Li cordless hedgecutter is hugely popular and a top seller on Amazon UK where of the eighty customers who left a review, an amazing fifty-two give it the full five stars and twenty four give it four stars.

bosch ahs 48 Li

For a cordless hedge trimmer, the Bosch AHS 48 is surprisingly powerful. It has a Lithium-ion battery which as you know, will fully charge up time after time after time unlike conventional rechargeable batteries which have a memory effect meaning that the amount of charge they take diminishes slightly with every recharge. Bosch say that these batteries can be recharged up to four times as many times as a conventional battery and quote 500 – 700 recharges as a guide to the lifetime of the battery. In addition, the Bosch lithium ion technology ensures that the battery will not self-discharge in store – once it’s charged, it stays charged and unlike some other batteries, is fully recharged in three hours or less.

This trimmer has a useful length of blade for most garden cutting jobs. The 48 cm blade length makes quick work of trimming jobs especially as the 15 mm tooth spacing means that thick, twiggy growth with individual twigs of up to 15 mm in diameter can be cut with ease. For those of you who, like me, find centimetres and millimetres hard to visualise, that’s a blade length of almost 19” and tooth spacing of about ½” – so unless your hedge is wildly out of control – in which case you will need a set of pole loppers as well, this tool can cope with just about everything you need it to. As you would expect from Bosch, the blades are very good, they are laser cut and diamond ground to be extremely sharp and therefore give a very clean and professional cut with a neat finish.

The great joy of a cordless machine is that there is no danger of getting tangled up with, or accidentally slicing through, the power cable. Also, it makes it a lot easier if you need to trim in an inaccessible part of the garden where it is difficult to get an extension cable too. Both you and your neighbours will appreciate the quiet running of the motor on this tool.

anti blocking system

The anti blocking system stops thicker twigs getting stuck in the blade if you hit a thicker branch than you intended!

A great feature of the Bosch AHS 48 is that it has built in “anti blocking technology” – what does that mean in plain English? It means that if you accidentally hit a branch in the hedge that is thicker than you thought it does not stall or lock up. What happens is that the micro electronic circuitry inside the Bosch detects the fact that you have hit a branch it cannot just slice through and automatically, the running direction of the blades is adjusted. The reciprocating (opposite directions) action of the two blades enables you to go on cutting steadily through the wood with no loss of power.

The video demonstrates the features of the Bosch AHS 48 Li Really Well

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You should get about fifty minutes run time out of the 18v/1.3Ah battery. You can interchange this hedgetrimmer battery with any other 18v battery of the same type used on other Bosch power tools. This is a neat feature and enables you to have one battery charging and one in the machine if you have a lot of hedges to cut.

Again, as you would expect from Bosch the AHS 48 Li has been designed with ergonomic features for operator comfort plus built in safety features. I like the two trigger start system and the light weight. At only 2.2 kilos, (about 5 lbs), it can be used by both men and women without too much strain on the arms. It also is very low vibration which makes it comfortable to use. Another nice safety feature is the blade cover for protection whilst in transit and storage as the blades really are extremely sharp.

Overall Verdict on the Bosch AHS 48 LI Cordless Hedgecutter

If you are looking for a robust and reliable lightweight trimmer, this is a great option and offered at an excellent price on Amazon at the moment (please use the link to the right to visit the product page).

It is useful that the battery interchanges with other Bosch tools making this one even more versatile.

I would definitely recommend the Bosch AHS 48 Li Cordless Hedgecutter if you have a moderate amount of hedge trimming to do and have tricky plants like hawthorn to cut where the anti blocking feature will save you the hassle of getting snagged up.

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