Flymo Scirocco 3000W Electric Garden Blower Vacuum Review

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The Flymo Scirocco 3000w is topping the bestseller charts for garden blowers and vacuums on Amazon in the UK. I will be doing a few garden vacuum reviews over the next couple of weeks so why not subscribe to our RSS feed and make sure you don’t miss any new articles.

The Flymo Scirocco 3000w is definitely the machine with the most power in Flymo’s garden vac range. The comment that keeps coming up again and again in the customer reviews is that they were glad to have bought a machine with this murch power because it is really up to the job and can shred what you vacuum up from the garden at 10:1 and blow at a speed of 200km/hr!

It is supplied with a 12 metre cable which is a fairly useful length for small to medium sized gardens. There is a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Flymo Scirocco 3000WIt is a well-thought out machine with an easy-open bag that makes cleaning a simple task.

The bag can collect 45 litre of material. It is also very simple to change modes from blower to vacuum you do not need any tools, nor do you need to change tubes.

The machine is well-balanced and weighs 6kg. A useful feature is the shoulder harness supplied with this machine that takes the strain.

The controls are ergonomically designed for your comfort too so the machine is a pleasure to use – not least because it whips through the job so quickly.

Flymo SciroccoIt is not just during the autumn with falling leaves to contend with that you will find the Flymo Scirocco 3000W indispensable.

It is brilliant for picking up all sorts of garden debris and is also great when used as a blower for clearing paths and walkways of grass trimmings and hedge clippings at other times of the year too.

The great thing about choosing a machine that has a motor powerful enough for the job is that this garden vac can contend with wet, soggy leaves without clogging up the machine. This makes the job much easier.

Because the leaves get shredded at a ratio of 10:1 as they go into the collection bag (which can hold 45 litres of material), not only do you not have to empty the bag so often during operation, but when you add the leaves to your compost, they will rot down more quickly too.

It is easy to transform this garden vac into a garden blower, all you need to do is slide the button – that’s all there is to it and you are then able to shift garden debris, twigs and leaves – whether they are wet or dry.

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Overall Verdict on the Flymo Scirocco 3000w Electric Garden Blower Vacuum

There are only two minor ‘cons’ with this machine that I can find.

Some reviewers were not too sure about is the wheel fitting at the end of the vacuum/blower tube. This is designed to help take the weight of the machine but some reviewers found that what they really wanted to do was to swing the tube from side to side rather than use the wheel which allows only forward and backward movement in contact with the ground. However, with the shoulder harness on, it is easy to balance the machine and use from side to side or as required without relying on the wheel at all.

The only other criticism of the machine is that once assembled, the blower/vac tube cannot be retracted again which would have been handy for storage purposes.

However, these are very minor points on what is an extremely robust and reliable tool. This garden vac is definitely recommended if you want to get your garden clean-up jobs done quickly and efficiently and especially if you want to collect your leaf debris for composting. Amazon have it on sale at a great price at the moment so please click on the picture link to visit the product page to find out more about the Flymo Scirocco 3000W Electric Garden Blower Vacuum.

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