Bosch AKE 40 Chainsaw Review

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This Bosch AKE 40 Chainsaw is a bestseller on Amazon in the UK and gets great customer reviews. It is a versatile and simple to operate machine with great built-in safety features like the rapid reaction brake designed to cut in should a kickback occur. The brake operates in less than one tenth of a second, stopping the machine some 30% faster than safety standards stipulate. For normal operation, there is a run-down brake.

The Bosch AKE 40 is sturdily made and is powered by Bosch’s powerful 1600 w motor. It has a chain bar length of 40 cm and the chain runs at nine meters per second to give great cutting performance.

Operator comfort, as always from Bosch is a priority and this machine is no exception, having ergonomically designed handle which makes both sawing and felling of timber that much more comfortable. The machine is a comfortable to use weight too at 4.1 kilos and is well balanced making cutting at various angles easy to do.

Bosch AKE 40 Chainsaw Review

The Bosch AKE 40 Chainsaw has an automatic chain lubricating system, for the high quality chrome Oregon chain supplied with the machine and this keeps the steel tines constantly correctly lubricated. These steel tines are powerful gripping teeth designed to provide good leverage and accurate cutting. The machine has an effective oil cap filter and a 200 ml oil reservoir which can be filled with Bosch’s environmentally friendly bio-degradable oil.

The AKE 40 chainsaw in actionTip: – Only an 80 ml bottle is supplied with the machine which really isn’t sufficient so you should buy additional oil when purchasing.

Extract from customer review:-

“Great piece of kit,does exactly what I require which is to cut down mature trees around my property,and to cut up logs suitable for burning in our small range/open fire. Result: one HAPPY customer”

If you have never used a chainsaw before, you should be aware of the safety issues with using one of these machines. Ensure that you read the manual before use and make sure that you wear safety eye protection, ear defenders and appropriate chain saw gloves and sturdy footwear when using.

Bosch AKE 40 ChainsawYou should also be aware that with a chainsaw, you need to check the tension EVERY time you use it. Failure to do so could result in catastrophe. You MUST check the chain saw regularly whilst you are using it. Bosch recommends every ten minutes – this really is vital when the chainsaw is new as new chains can stretch quite considerably.

The life of the chain will be much longer if you ensure that there is always sufficient oil in the reservoir to keep it properly lubricated and that the chain is at the correct tension.

Checking the tension is not difficult to do, with the machine unplugged, raise the chain against the weight of the machine by holding it in the centre of the chain bar. If you can raise it by three to four mm, it is correctly tensioned, more and it is too slack – less and it is overtightened.

A model from the Bosch AKE 40 Chainsaw range in action

Note, this is not the exact same model as reviewed here but it is useful from the point of view of demonstrating the chain tensioning and the oil filling procedures.

Tip:- Never try to tension your chain if it is hot because if you get what you think is the correct tension when the chain is hot, when it cools down, it will be overtensioned. The instruction manual provides comprehensive information on chain tensioning with easy to follow diagrams.

Extract from customer review:-

“This is my second electric chainsaw – very pleased with it – lots of power and well made. The chain stops instantly when the trigger is released which is a good safety feature. Delivery was quick, good price.”

The Bosch AKE 40 Chainsaw is supplied with a four meter cable. If you need a longer cable, be sure to use an appropriate one for outdoor use and always make sure that you have an appropriate RCB in place. Should you need to operate the machine away from a power source, it will run happily on a 2 kw generator.

[ad#Adsense Block For Every Post]Overall. This Bosch AKE 40 Chainsaw is a great machine for the price. No problems with it if you take care to follow the manufacturer’s instructions about fitting the chain, correctly tensioning it to start with and regularly checking the tension during use.

This Bosch AKE 40 Chainsaw will give reliable service and comes with a manufacturer’s two year parts and labour warranty. It is available at a great discount at the moment on Amazon – the best price I have found online. (Please use the link to visit the product page), the AKE 40 also comes with free delivery if you choose the super saver option.

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