Logmaster Log Splitter Review

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logmaster log splitterThis Logmaster log splitter is a great choice if you are looking for a real workhorse that will turn splitting logs ready for the winter from a pretty backbreaking chore into a safe, easy and speedy operation.

The unusual thing about the Logmaster log splitter as can be seen from the demonstration video below is that it can split logs from both ends which speeds up the operation tremendously.

Take a look at the video, it is much easier to see for yourself how it works than for me to try to explain!

Logmaster Log Splitter in Operation

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This great log splitter will split both seasoned and green wood just as easily so you can split your logs and store them for drying at any time.

The steel construction of the machine is just about maintenance free and it has a hydraulic ram system which is self-lubricating and automatic return. It has a two handed switch operation which is one of the great safety features which I mentioned in my article about what to look for when searching for log splitters for sale. It means that you need to have both hands safely away from the ‘business end’ whilst the machine is in operation.

The force of the ram is driven by the hydraulic system with a pressure of six tons to the right and five to the left making it easy to continuously load both sides of the cradle so it splits one log in one direction and the other as the carriage returns. This really ups the productivity rate, enabling you to deal with at least a hundred logs per hour.

hydraulic log splitterIt works off mains electricity with a 1960W/230v motor. The maximum size of log it can cope with is around 39cm in length and 26 in diameter. It weighs a total of 63 kilos but is easily transported as it has sturdy wheels and handle. It comes with a manufacturers twelve month guarantee.

Safety Tip: If you do not already have one, invest in an RCD circuit breaker for safe outdoor operation of power tools.

Reviewers give it glowing feedback, one writer said that he and his partner had used this machine to split enough logs for the winter inside of seven hours. He also commented that the logs the machine was able to deal with were in some cases quite a bit bigger in diameter than the manufacturer’s spec. – he quoted up to 16” in diameter.

Overall verdict on the Logmaster Log Splitter

For the price, this is an amazing machine. The retailer (Clifford James) selling it on Amazon is offering it for sale at the moment at an amazing £265 which is even cheaper than on that retailer’s own web site where it is offered at £299.99!

So Amazon offers a brilliant bargain for this machine which would be great value even at the maximum retail price of £499.99.

Please use the link to visit the Amazon product page for this Logmaster Log Splitter and treat yourself to a tool that will serve you well and save your back!

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