Four Reasons Why Gardeners Prefer A Petrol Hedge Trimmer

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The popularity of the petrol hedge trimmer has been increasing steadily, with more and more people choosing a petrol model rather than an electric one when it comes to keeping their hedges neat and trim.

Four Reasons why gardeners prefer a Petrol Hedge Trimmer
1.  In Britain the climate is at best unpredictable, sometimes we get four seasons in the same day!  This makes it hard to plan to do any garden job that is dependent on the weather. 

An electric model can only be used safely in dry conditions and, in these times when we all lead busy lives it is not possible to guarantee that the time we are able to schedule in to cut the hedge will be suitably dry for using an electric-powered machine. 

With a petrol hedge trimmer, there is no need to wait for a dry day as whilst an electric one is unsafe in the wet, there is no problem in using a petrol model either on a wet hedge or in damp conditions.

2. In a large garden, it is sometimes difficult to get a mains supply to all areas where you might need you to use a power tool.  If you are cutting hedges in a paddock or away from your home, an electric supply may also be a problem.  This gives a petrol  machine much greater versatility than an electric one.

3. Safety considerations also need to be taken into consideration.  A long length of trailing electrical cord is not only expensive, but also a positive hazard.  The cord could be accidentally cut through which is at best annoying and at worst, possibly lethal if you are unwise enough to work without a safety cut out Residual Current Device (RCD or RCCB in UK), (in USA a GFI or GFCI), in the circuit.  It could also present a trip hazard if you are concentrating where you are cutting and not where your are stepping.  When working at a height, the cord might become entangled in branches and this could present another hazard to safe working.

4. Finally, a petrol hedge trimmer is more powerful than its electric counterpart.  Whilst no hedge cutter is designed to be used as a chain saw, the wide teeth models can safely and efficiently cut through thick, twiggy growth.  This extra power also means that there is less strain on the motor so that with regular maintenance, the machine will give you years of service.

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