Petrol Hedge Trimmer STIHL HS81 T and HS81 R

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There are two versions of the Stihl HS81 Hedge Trimmers. These are identified by either a (T) or and (R) suffix. The (T) models are for trimming regularly maintained hedges. The (R) suffix models are for heavier, clearing work. Both models are available with an option of either double-sided or single-sided blades.

The ergonomically designed new models have lower vibration levels and are more lightweight than previous models. This makes them comfortable and less fatiguing to use over longer periods. They also have a longer period between services than the earlier models so you can be sure that they are not only durable, but inexpensive to run, too.

Choosing the double-sided blades model of either the Stihl HS81 (T) or (R) will provide you with an easily manoeuvrable machine that can deal quickly and efficiently with the hedge cutting jobs you need to do.

Whether you are right handed, or left-handed you will have no problem in operating the trimmer as the handle is designed to be rotated, allowing the perfect cutting angle for you.

The rotating handle feature means that you can make horizontal or vertical cuts with the same machine and it is ideal for those delicate shaping operations on more formal hedging and shrubbery.

There is a range of different cutting bar lengths so you can tackle almost any type of hedge cutting task. There is also a neat additional kit available allowing the blade position to be adjusted on the 60 cm, 75 cm and 100 cm blades.

The (R) model has a lower engine speed of up to three thousand strokes a minute and this gives the engine more power to deal with thicker twigs and brush clearance. The faster engine speed of the (T) model of up to five thousand strokes per minute gives a less powerful, but much finer cut that is ideally suited for more formal hedge trimming operations.

Different cutter bar lengths are available depending on the type of garden hedging you have to deal with. All Blades are hardened to the exacting Stihl standards and precision ground in Stihl’s Swiss manufacturing base. A Blade Position Adjustment Kit can be purchased for the trimmer models with cutting bar lengths of 60, 75 and 100 cms. There is also a useful accessory, a guard for the cutting bar tip to avoid the possibility of damage to the blades if the ground is accidentally struck whilst the machine is in use.

All exhaust gasses vent away from you whilst you are using the trimmer and this makes both models pleasant to use. There are very good safety features and these include a throttle starting lock, a front hand guard and on the double-sided blades version, a cutter guard.

Whether you have need of a precision trimmer, or a brush-cutting workhorse, you will definitely find a Stihl HS81 model that is perfect for your requirements.

A Stihl Is Easy To Start!

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