Flymo SabreCut Cordless 24V Hedgetrimmer Review

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The Flymo SabreCut cordless 24V hedgetrimmer is made for working on taller hedges and is designed to be light for ease of use. This may be one of the neatest hedge trimmers available in the market today.

Best Features
This model has a separate power pack which delivers optimum power and run time together with lightweight tools. Its 24V battery power pack which can be carried over the shoulders while fastening the belt around the waist makes less weight to be handled around your arms when reaching to cut high hedges up to three meters.

It also has a very simple design which makes it seem less complicated to handle. The extendable reach and sloping head does a great job in trimming the tops of taller hedges.

Flymo SabreCut Hedge Trimmer
(extract from Amazon customer review)

The Sabre is a wonderful tool. I bought it to cut my tall privit hedge. I can reach over flower beds and cut the top of the hedge without difficulty and I can tilt the blade and cut the sides just as easily. I do not find the battery unit heavy. It straps over your shoulder and is supported comfortably with a second waist strap.

The cordless feature makes it a lot easier to handle when trimming and is an obvious safety benefit if you have any concerns about the dangers of cutting through a trailing cord. Its dual performance blade, with a length of about 42cm, can do a great, quick trimming job. The “Sabrecut” weighs about 8 kg which makes it manageable for almost anyone to handle.

This model is available at a discount of 15% on Amazon UK right now and with free UK delivery, the Flymo SabreCut Cordless 24V Hedgetrimmer has got to be a great buy.  Use the link to visit the product page.

(extract from Amazon customer review)

After some years wrestling with a heavy but powerful petrol hedge trimmer, I was prepared to be underwhelmed by the Sabrecut. I didn’t think a cordless could possibly match up. But it was great! Much easier to handle, good reach, and able to cut reasonably thick growth. Did the job in about a quarter of the time, and a really level finish. I couldn’t be more pleased!

It may not work well on very thick greenery which other heavy duty hedge trimmers can cope with, but it performs well on thinner twigs and normal trimming jobs. Some people may also have trouble with the weight issues because of the separate battery pack. One thing that might help in dealing with the heaviness of the pack is to have the straps tightened and placed evenly onto your shoulders and waist.

Some people find that they do not like the battery pack wrapped around the waist while working, if you find this a little too uncomfortable to handle then this machine might not be a great buy for you. Charging of the battery takes about 10-12 hours which is good for about an hour of usage thereafter. Planning ahead of time on your trimming job might make it more convenient for you to use.


(extract from Amazon customer review)

Not for the professional gardener but excellent for most of us.Very light weight and easy to use with good battery life.Cuts my dense privet with ease(150 ft.)can’t promise you can do this on one charge as I do it in 2 sessions.Should have bought the strimmer attachment at the same time as you have to pay much more for this as an extra.

Flymo SabreCut with battey packIt’s simple design makes the Flymo SabreCut Cordless 24V Hedgetrimmer really attractive to most consumers. With the long reach design you don’t have to fiddle about, trying to attach extensions to reach the tops of high hedging. Its tilting (articulating) head is also a plus for convenience. Attempting to use it on very dense greenery might not be a good idea for use since its blades are not designed to handle this sort of job. My verdict is that overall it’s a good buy for simple trimming jobs with the added convenience of being able to reach otherwise tricky areas without having to worry about a trailing cord.
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