Ryobi 30cc Touch Start Line Trimmer Review

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A Ryobi 30cc touch start line trimmer has no pull-cord system which makes it much easier for you to begin your lawn trimming work easily.

This touch start trimmer saves you from the necessity of pulling a cord several times to start the motor. Pull cords can be difficult for some people so this is a great feature.

But there is more to this trimmer than its easy to use trigger start feature which makes it very appealing to most consumers.

Battery Operated Touch Start

Ryobi 30cc Touch Start Line TrimmerThis trimmer is powered with a rechargeable 12V battery for an electric touch start feature.

The only thing that’s kind of a downside with the rechargeable feature is that it doesn’t have an indicator to show you whether the battery is already fully charged.

The electric start motor behind the engine makes up about 2lbs. of the equipment.

Extract from customer review:-

This is my second line stimmer, I bought one abought 4 years ago, first rate, I like the fact that it is one engine, with interchangerble attachments, I have used it mostly for my allotment, the tiller attachment is a dream, so when the electric start came on the seen, and my old one really was getting ready for replaceing, I thought why not? appartly its been on the american market for the past two years, so if they’ve had all the initial faults, I cannot rate the self start highly enough, ‘six stars’

Other Build Specifications

The 30cc 2 stroke engine of this trimmer is powerful and reliable and can make a very satisfactory job of trimming your lawn. Another great thing about this equipment is that it has the necessary exterior casing needed to cover those parts that get very hot during use.

The straight shaft of the trimmer has an extended reach of about 60 inches long. With this longer length, you can trim even in hard-to-reach areas. However, the fact that this is a split shaft model means that it is easy to transport when necessary.

With its “Expand-it” system, it makes it compatible with several product attachments available from Ryobi. Fitting the attachments is easy; with a simple unscrewing and sliding scheme used, anyone can easily do the job. There are many attachments in the range which is a very sensible idea for those of us who have smaller gardens. Having separate attachments for different jobs that ‘bolt on’ to the one power source saves the expense and the storage space of having several different machines.

Ryobi 30cc with head 1

This trimmer comes with two heads, The “Pro-Cut II” string head included has a unique push and pull line feed for convenience and takes line up to 2.7 mm in diameter. The “Reel Easy” bump-style head with it’s thread and load system takes line up to 2.4 mm in diameter. This makes it unnecessary to wind nylon trimmer line, you just have to choose the right diameter of string depending on how thick the grass is. The trimmer makes a cutting path 430mm wide so it makes short work of the cutting jobs around the garden.

Ryobi 30cc with head 2

The weight you have to carry when using this equipment is certainly not excessive for a petrol machine. Weight before filling the 0.4 litre tank is 6.58 kgs. If you can handle carrying this much weight using the quick release shoulder strap, this piece of equipment will perform well for you.

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Aside from the easy touch start aspect, the anti vibration handle on the Ryobi 30cc Touch Start Line Trimmer also does a great job in providing comfort and safety in handling the equipment.

This model is available at a great discount from Amazon.co.uk. Get a whopping 32% discount (a saving of over £50) and free UK deliver by visiting the product page using this link – Ryobi 30Cc Touch Start Line Trimmer

If you would like to see some of the Expand It system tools available from Ryobi, why not check out the hedge trimmer attachment for this machine? The Ryobi Expand-It Ahf-03 Hedge Trimmer Attachment is available for only £46.99 which is an amazing saving!

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