Bosch Aquatak 110 Pressure Washer Review

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For those difficult outdoor cleaning jobs, the Bosch Aquatak 110 Pressure Washer may be just the ticket.

Removing the algae, moss and grime that makes paved surfaces slippery and dangerous (as well as unsightly), can be an extremely tiresome task, but this useful garden tool does it simply and amazingly quickly, leaving the surface pristine.

If you have tried scrubbing or chemical treatments or even wire-brushing and scraping, the sheer ease with which a pressure washer gets the job done will delight you.

Let’s face it, there are lots of cleaning jobs around outside which are a real pain and can be very time-consuming, such as cleaning paving or walls without damage. This is the province of this handy piece of equipment. Even cleaning the car goes more quickly without any damage to the paintwork from grinding dirt on the surface with a cloth or sponge.

Amazon Customer Review:-

“I am very pleased with the Power Washer. What surprised me was that it can be used with an infinitely adjustable range of pressures by selection of the choice of 3 atachments to the pressure hose. There is the single very High Pressure Jet, then the Circular Rotating Jet, and then a Low Pressure Adjustable Jet, which can be used on more delicate items. To be recommended.”

The Bosch Aquatak 110 Pressure Washer Features:

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  • A powerful 1600 watt motor more than other 110 bar high pressure washers, for long-life and extended use.
  • Max. pressure: 110 bar.
  • Flow rate: 360 l/h.
  • Weight: 7.2 kg.
  • Max. flow temp: 40º C.
  • Warranty: 2 years on parts and labour.
  • Integrated detergent tank.
  • Selection of lances.
  • High quality metal pump gives better nozzle performance.
  • Auto-Stop system to protect the motor and pump.
  • Legendary Bosch reliability.

[easyazon-image align=”left” asin=”B000XIWVBA” locale=”uk” height=”75″ src=”” width=”75″]Should you wish, an inexpensive adapter is available so that the range of Kärcher accessories may be used as well.

There are good reviews on Amazon.

There were two 3-star reviews where the reviewers were very happy with the machine but were unhappy with certain minor points – the rating seemed rather disproportionately low to the actual comments posted. Apart from that, seven 5-star reviews sang the Bosch Aquatak 110’s praises. Note that there were no complaints that it didn’t perform well enough.

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Extract from Amazon Customer Review:-

“The product is built well and have used it at least 2-3 week to clean my cars since purchase with no problems yet. I cleaned the old oil off my decking with the purpose made high pressure nozzle and it came up like brand new. I then used it to clean up my block paving and again it came up like new. you wouldnt need the osolating brush end attachment then nozzle is more than enough. Excellent product would highly recommend it, worth every penny “

In case you think the 110 bar pressure is too low, you should be aware that a higher pressure may damage underlying paint or other surfaces. As it is, the available pressure will remove loose and flaky paint which is not adhering properly. The pressure is nicely judged and is sufficient for those exterior cleaning jobs without any fear of damage to surfaces. Even the next model up, the Aquatak 115, is only rated at 115 bar (at £30+ extra), probably due to the greater chance of damage from 120 bar or higher machines. This pressure is probably cole to an optimal compromise for general home use, as borne out by all the reviewers on Amazon.

Bosch Aquatak 110 Pressure Washer

Rear of the machine, showing tools

If you wish to repaint, a preliminary washing with a Bosch Aquatak is a good way to start your preparation, as it will rapidly remove grime and loose paint before you sand the surface. A list of appropriate jobs is:

  • Car cleaning.
  • Removing lichen, moss and moulds
  • Cleaning paving
  • Removing old oil from decking.
  • Washing windows and window frames.
  • Cleaning tile roofs.

Plus – any other cleaning job you might have outdoors – not that it can’t be used indoors, but removal of water after cleaning might be a problem!

There are other, cheaper makes available, which means the Bosch Aquatak 110 Is only the #10 best-selling high pressure washer on Amazon. However, most competing brands don’t offer the same quality of manufacture and attention to detail as the Bosch. At a price of just over £100 it is good value. Many other makes have several very negative reviews and complaints of poor manufacturing quality. This does not happen with Bosch, and the 2-year warranty is also a source of confidence.

The size of the motor for the available pressure is also more than the competition, meaning that you can expect to use it for relatively long, continuous periods without problems. Good tools help to produce a good job.

Top Tip – If you want to use the pressure washer for cleaning hard to reach areas you might want to pay the extra few £s for the Bosch Aquatak 110 Plus which comes with additional tools.

Our verdict on the Bosch Aquatak 110 Pressure Washer

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If you are in the market for a quality, high pressure cleaner for general home use, this machine deserves to be on top of your list. Unless you have a good reason to demand a higher pressure for a specific, tough job (in which case a pressure higher than 120 bar might be better), the Bosch Aquatak should more than meet your needs.

The Bosch Aquatak 110 Pressure Washer is available from Amazon at a discount and with free delivery – order now, and you will soon be able to tackle those really onerous cleaning jobs with consummate ease.

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