When Choosing A Petrol Hedge Trimmer, Consider Blade Length

[ad#leader banner][ad#Adsense Block For Every Post]When thinking of buying a petrol hedge trimmer, one of the most important things is the length of the blades. By taking time to really think through the type of jobs you need to get done will save you from buying a tool that does not do the job you want it to.

There are three main types of things to think about when choosing which type of blade is right for you.

1. The Blade action. Think about how much hedge cutting you have to do and how long you will be working with the machine you choose. Vibration from a petrol hedge trimmer can be a major problem, causing operator fatigue, aching shoulders and sometimes, even white finger disease. But if you choose a model which has what is termed ‘double action blades’, most of this vibration is cancelled out and you should not have any problems.

wide teeth blades

wide teeth blades can cut through thicker material than narrow teeth blades

2. How thick are the stems or twigs on the hedging and shrubs that you need to get cut? You need to be aware that no matter how powerful the hedge cutter you choose is, it cannot cut through wood like a chain saw – but choosing a model with wide teeth blades can help. Narrow teeth blades on less powerful models will be fine if you have beautifully kept hedges where the twigs never get chance to grow thick between cuts.

3. Consider how much time you are able to spend cutting your hedges and relate this to the amount of hedging you have to maintain. The longer the blades are, the more that can be trimmed with each sweep of the blades. You should bear in mind though that the machine will be more difficult to use because the longer the blades, the heavier the petrol hedge trimmer will be. A machine with really long blades can be very difficult to work with if you have tricky shaping work to do on your hedge.

By taking into consideration the three points that I have outlined above, you will be sure to choose the right model for your requirements. If you are looking for a good general purpose model that will satisfy most requirements for keeping your hedges and shrubs in shape, you need one with minimal vibration, teeth spacing that suits the type of hedging you need to cut and an easy to work with blade length.

By ensuring that you have decided on the type, size and features of the model you want before trying to by your petrol hedge trimmer will make it more likely that you will get a great bargain as you will be able to snap up the right model if you see one with these features on sale.

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