Trueshopping Multi Function 5 in 1 Garden Tool Review

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The Trueshopping petrol long reach multi function 5 in 1 garden tool provides five different tools which include, hedge trimmer, chainsaw, strimmer, brushcutter and a free extension pole. This will save you a lot in terms of cost in comparison with the price of buying all five tools separately. This tool is ideal for gardeners who want the convenience of being able to easily switch from one tool to another, depending on what is needed to get each job done.

The model I am reviewing here is the 33cc version, there is also a 43cc and a 52cc version available with the same range of tools.

Trueshopping petrol long reach multi function 5 in 1 garden toolThe engine runs in a 2 cycle air-cooled vertical cylinder with 3cc displacement. It has an idle speed of 3000 rpm, maximum speed of 11000, and a maximum output of 1.2Kw at 6500 rpm. It has a 1.2 Litres fuel tank capacity and oil tank capacity of 140 cc. The built in air filter is semi wet and can be quickly removed and installed. It has an automatic transmission and a slide switch stopping method. The weight totals around 5.7kg without any attachments added.

Tool Attachments
Below, I have detailed each of the five attachments separately with an image showing this.

Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

Trueshopping petrol long reach hedge trimmerThis trimmer weighs around 1.8Kg with a hardened steel dual edge blade. The 450 mm blade length totals around 1700mm when attached with the engine. It can also be tilted around 10 different angles which makes it much easier to manoeuvre and do a neat job. The package includes blade covers made to protect the blades in transit and storage and to preserve their sharpness.

Long Reach Pruning Saw (Small Chainsaw)

Trueshopping petrol long reach chainsawThis chainsaw can be used in pruning various trees. Its chain is simple to adjust with a simple screw and lock nut. It has a 10” chain guide bar with fixed spur sprockets of about 3/8”. The chain speed is very satisfactory and runs about 23.5 meters per second. It also has an automatic adjustable oiler to keep it running smoothly.


Trueshopping petrol long reach strimmerThe strimmer attachment has a cutting diameter of approximately 40cm. The string is made out of nylon. With the loop handle it can be manoeuvred with ease and avoids slipping even when you handle it with just one hand. It does a fair job in trimming and covers a big area pretty quickly.

Brush Cutter

Trueshopping petrol long reach brush cutterThe brush cutter attachment is designed to handle tough weeds. You can attach it by simply replacing the strimming line. Its blade is made out of three metal prongs with a cutting diameter of 30cm – again, this is a pretty robust and workmanlike attachment.

Extension Pole

Trueshopping petrol long reach extension pole

The extension pole included in the package has a length of 745 mm which is great when used along with the other attachments to reach greenery and twigs that would otherwise be too high for you to get at.

customer review:-

“This is a serious piece of kit. I wanted to set about my overgrown large garden but didn’t want to spend loads of cash on the individual strimmer, chainsaw & hedge trimmer. Then I came across this serious tool! The multi garden tool is the perfect way to tidy up your garden with the minimum of fuss, I would even say that due to the build quality a professional gardener would be very happy to use it. It starts really easily and feels very sturdy and comfortable to use due to the harness that’s provided. Its a real joy to work with as the powerful 33cc motor will make light work of most gardening tasks; anything from strimming long grass to clearing thick undergrowth becomes easy. The hedge trimmer blade gives you a precise cut and the small chainsaw goes through small logs with ease. I highly recommend this machine to keen part timers and professional gardeners. 9.9/10”


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This multifunction garden tool’s engine is fast enough and is on a par with the average engine used with other tools that are sold separately.

You might think that buying multi-tools could have a lower quality than tools bought singly, but the New Trueshopping Petrol Long Reach Multi Function 5 in 1 Garden Tool would prove you wrong. All the attachments supplied are just as good as other tools and buying a multi-tool not only makes the job easier, it saves you lots of time, storage space and expense as well.

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