Trueshopping Long Reach Petrol Hedge Trimmer Review

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The Trueshopping long reach petrol hedge trimmer is a very lightweight piece of equipment which weighs around 6.3 Kg.

Home gardeners can easily use this for their garden maintenance trimming jobs without needing to call in the services of a gardening professional to deal with their hedges.

It is really compact and also, cable-free which makes it easier to move freely with no fears of snagging or cutting through a power cord.

It has a two-stroke, single cylinder petrol engine. The fuel tank can hold up to 0.6L. The blade length is about 600mm long and has a width of 20mm. It also has a safety brake located conveniently in front of the handles which stops the blade in a second.

TRUESHOPPING LONG REACH PETROL HEDGE TRIMMERThe specifications include a displacement of about 22.5 cc and with a 2 cycle oil/petrol mixing ratio of 1:25. The power runs at about 0.65KW. It also has a diaphragm type carburettor.

The engine runs an air-cooling system which helps to avoid over-heating of the equipment when in use. A blade cover is a useful safety feature which is also included in the package and which protects the blade and preserves its sharpness.


TRUESHOPPING HEDGE TRIMMERSince the Trueshopping long reach petrol hedge trimmer is so light in weight almost anyone should be able to use it without problems.

Despite being lightweight, it is sturdily built and useful to trim hedges at about chest height. It gets good reviews from customers who report that although lightweight, it is robust and performs well on various types of hedging. The blades are also great in shaping the hedges and remain sharp.

customer review:-

“ordered this for my dad who is a pensioner after looking at several on the internet. This model had good reviews and was a good price. The machine was delivered in good order and was easy to set up. Ready to use within minutes. My dad is delighted with the trimmer,it is not to heavy, well balanced and easy to use. According to my dad it cuts well and makes a tedious task of trimming his leylandi bushes pleasurable.”


TRUESHOPPING HEDGE TRIMMER close upDespite being called a long reach hedge trimmer, this does not have a pole or extending pole to allow higher hedging to be cut. It is really suitable for cutting hedges up to around chest height and most purchasers would say that the blades are only suitable for trimming, not for cutting through thick twiggy growth or small branches. I think that this is a fair assessment but on more formal hedging, requiring a neat cut, the precision is there when doing the job. Make sure that before you purchase this model that you check to ensure that the specifications make it suitable for the type of hedges that you are planning to trim.


The Trueshopping long reach petrol hedge trimmer is a pretty good buy when it comes to basic hedge cutting. Shaping hedges would be good with this since it is both lightweight and has no need for a power cable, it is much easier to manoeuvre.

Some people who have purchased the item have left comments in their reviews saying that it’s a little slow when used. This might be true if you try to use it to cut through thicker stems and twigs than it is intended for but on the average growth of fairly regularly trimmed hedges, it does a good job.

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