Ryobi RHT600RL Hedge Cutter and Hedge Sweep Review

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Ryobi RHT600RL Hedge Cutter and Hedge Sweep delivers exactly what you would expect from Ryobi, quality and reliability.

Ryobi is one of the largest power tool manufacturing companies anywhere and they are continuously at the forefront of development, seeming to have a great way of delivering exactly what you would have wanted in a power tool if you could have designed it yourself!

Their reputation for reliability and product safety, coupled with really great performance is, in my opinion right up there with the best of them.

Ryobi RHT600RL Hedge Cutter and Hedge Sweep is equipped with a powerful 600 watt motor and runs direct off the mains, not on battery power so you are not limited on the amount of time you can use it in a session. Ryobi have thoroughly thought out the possibility of operator fatigue and this machine is equipped with a unique rear handle which rotates, making it possible for you to cut at different angles, depending on the shape of the hedge or shrub to be trimmed. The large loop of the front trigger makes it easy to keep the hedge trimmer running for long periods without getting fatigued holding the power ‘on’ and another anti-fatigue feature is the GripZone handles, designed for operator comfort.

Ryobi RHT600RL Hedge Cutter and Hedge Sweep

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There is an excellent safety feature built in to the machine and this is what is called a live tool indicator and consists of a glowing blue light (easier to see in daylight), which is on all the time the machine is plugged into the mains. This, for me, is really worth having and another great feature which gives real peace of mind is that the blade safety brake operates in under half a second in case of an accident.

Hedge SweepThe really neat feature of the Ryobi RHT600RL Hedge Cutter is that it has a detachable ‘hedge sweep’ bar which fits over the blade and which effectively clears the clippings from your working area as you go.

Not only does this save time, but it also stops clippings falling down inside the hedge which is a bit of a nuisance if you are trimming less dense shrubs and bushes where the centre of the plant can be seen and you need to get these clippings out to avoid unsightly brown, dead twigs spoiling the look of the shrub.

The hedge trimmer is equipped with a 60 centimetre single sided blade which is very efficient and produces a really neat finish. The operating speed is up to 1500 blade strokes per minute. Because this machine is powered directly from the mains, it is pretty powerful and can soon get an overgrown or untidy hedge back into shape. With a blade tooth gap of 27mm (almost one inch), this lazer cut, precision tooled blade can get through twigs of up to 27mm – this is the maximum you should attempt to cut through – it’s powerful but it isn’t a chainsaw(!) and I think you will agree that with this sort of power, it is ‘man enough’ for most hedge cutting jobs. There is a blade tip protector to avoid damage when cutting close to walls, fences or the ground.

Lighter than a petrol hedge trimmer, and with no battery pack to carry round, the Ryobi RHT600RL Hedge Cutter and Hedge Sweep weighs in at just 3.6 kilograms. This hedge cutter represents excellent value for money and is available from Amazon in the UK at a great price with free super saver delivery (please use the link provided to visit the product page).

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