Ryobi Articulating Pole Hedge Cutter 400 Watt Review

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The Ryobi Articulating pole hedge cutter 400 watt is especially designed for cutting taller hedges.

It has a lightweight design and weighs around 4kg. The dual sided cutting blade has a length around 400mm long and has a 17mm cutting capacity and can be easily adjusted for use.

The powerful 400 watt motor can be triggered with a switch which has a lock-off button. It has a cable length of about 8m (26ft) long.
Ryobi Articulating Pole Hedge Cutter 400 Watt

Best Features Of The Ryobi Articulating Pole Hedge Cutter

Ryobi Articulating Pole Hedge Cutter detailThe extended reach of about 3 meters long and the adjustable trimmer head which can placed in 4 positions can do a good job in cutting along the top of high hedges. The telescopic pole is lighter to carry since it’s made out of fibreglass. The double sided blade is very efficient.

When compared to some petrol hedge cutters, it is quite a lightweight machine, but it has an enough power to do a clean, precise cutting job. The electrical cord is secured in a cord retainer along the handle which avoids any accidental cord disconnection. The “Livetool” indicator lights up in blue whenever it’s plugged into a power supply.

This hedge trimmer is very light and easy to assemble, after reading the manual it should only take around 6 minutes to assemble then you’re good to go! The item has a two-year warranty included.


One concern that some users have with the Ryobi Articulating hedge cutter is that whenever you extend it to its full extent, it becomes too heavy to manoeuvre, this is because of the engine located right at the other end of the pole. Make sure that you extend the length just enough to do the job as this will make it easier for you to handle the weight.

For cutting work, never attempt to cut stems or twigs thicker than 16mm (just over half an inch). Anything larger than this is too large for the cutting blade to handle. Before you purchase this item make sure to assess how thick the twiggy growth on your hedges is, to see if this trimmer is “man-enough” to do the job in your garden.

customer review:-

“All pole cutters are unwieldy by definition, but the build quality and excellent design of this particular tool helps reduce the down side.
It is so easy to adjust to exactly the cutting angle you need, simply chose one of four click-stops and the blades cut smoothly exactly where you need.
This has been properly engineered.
Yes it is heavy, but if you are reasonably fit then you will find it possible to do a lot of work by taking frequent rests of just minute or two.
If you need an electric pole cutter buy this one with confidence-I thoroughly reccommend it”


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Overall, the Ryobi Articulating Pole Hedge Cutter is a good find for getting the job done if you have high hedges and want to be able to cut along the top from the safety of the ground. The lightweight aspect makes it more attractive than the heavier petrol models to some consumers. There are only a few “downsides” that can be found with this trimmer but if you want a lightweight machine with plenty of power and reach and you keep your hedges trimmed pretty regularly so you do not have a lot of thicker growth to cut, this machine makes a good choice for just about anyone.

Get this trimmer from Amazon (use the link to visit the product page), it is available at a discounted price and with free delivery!

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