Reasons Why A Petrol Hedge Trimmer Is The Type That Professionals Favour

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If you wish to find out the reasons why horticulture experts are increasingly utilizing a petrol hedge trimmer even though it would seem that electric hedge clippers could be a more sensible choice because they are not only quiet, but lighter too, here are four main reasons why.

Firstly, a petrol hedge trimmer features a robust two-stroke engine that is a very reliable work-horse. It is simple to take care of and will definitely give years of service. It has a great deal more power compared to an electric hedge cutter which means that it can cut thicker hedging more easily.

The engine will also operate correctly at nearly any angle and this produces a machine perfect for trimming formal, shaped hedging also, more natural kind of hedging so it’s as adaptable as it is useable.

gardening professionalsSecondly, a petrol-powered machine can be used anywhere. By definition, an electric hedge trimmer must have an electricity supply in order to operate. Hard to get at corners of any big garden could be difficult to get a supply to and utilizing a petrol generator to provide the electricity rather defeats the purpose of using an electric model – therefore it would make much more sense if accessibility may very well be an issue to choose a petrol model in the first instance.

Thirdly, the basic safety that is definitely of vital importance to all of us, makes a petrol hedge trimmer the more sensible option in many people’s opinion. If you follow the safety precautions set out in your hedge trimmer’s guide book and keep in mind the fuel is flammable and therefore you should simply wait for the engine to cool down before re-filling, you will have no problems. An electric trimmer however comes with an power cord that might be a severe problem. It could be a trip hazard or, it could possibly become tangled within the hedge, or cut by the blades of the trimmer.

Fourthly, an electric cutter is only safe to make use of in dry weather, so with the climate being what it is, it might be tricky to find a dry day for the job if you have an electric model. The weather doesn’t always ‘play ball’ in this respect and the time frame you have available may not coincide with favourable weather conditions and if you are a commercial gardener, you may not have a choice. A petrol model however, could be utilized safely in all winds and weathers so you will be able to get the job carried out when it is easy for you, not whenever the weather dictates.

A petrol hedge trimmer does appear to be the professional’s preferred option with regards to reliability, durability, power and also the flexibility to operate everywhere.

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