Professional Tree Cutting Service or Stump Removal Cost

When you need professional help for the trees in your garden

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Trees certainly add the beauty of your garden and as well as providing shade from the heat of the sun and a home for wildlife, they also help in the prevention of erosion, utilize the carbon dioxide in the environment and replenish the oxygen.

Despite all of these benefits that you derive from trees in your garden, sometimes it becomes necessary for a tree to be cut down and removed or remedial measures need to be taken promptly from a safety point of view. Some of the factors that may necessitate your hiring tree cutting services and possibly incurring tree stump removal costs as well, are:

  • If the roots of the tree are causing some structural damage to your home.
  • If the branches of the tree are extending over the perimeter of your property and onto a road and causing potential danger to motorists.
  • If the tree is dead or diseased, has been struck by lightning or has become so old that branches are in a dangerous state and likely to cause serious injury or even death by falling from the tree.

In any of the above situations, it is time to call in the professional tree surgeon for tree cutting and tree stump removal.

Using a tree cutting service

tree cutting service

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When one or all of the factors highlighted above hold sway, it is a natural indication that the time is ripe to seek the professionals in the business of tree cutting services. It is far safer for you and probably cheaper in the long run to choose a reputable local firm for tree surgery, tree felling and stump removal.

One of your major concerns is bound to be the cost implication, and how it is going to affect your bank account. Though most of the landscaping companies will give you their estimate, it is advisable that you use certain criteria to make your own estimate in order to assure yourself that the quotation is reasonable. Some of the criteria you need for your personal estimate are:

  • The location of the tree has a very significant impact on the total cost of the project. In considering the location as one of the criteria, emphasis should be placed on such factors as how accessible is the tree to the landscaping company, will the company encounter electric wires and other dangerous obstacles along the way?
  • The size of the tree which include its height, the width of the trunk and the number of branches also has very significant impact on the overall cost. Smaller trees cost less to cut down than large trees.
  • The health of the tree is also used as a criterion for estimation. Trees that are dead will cost more because of the potential hazards to the operators in felling and removing them.

In addition, before coming to a decision about the company you choose for the work, get more than one estimate and seek testimonials from other customers in the neighbourhood. Word of mouth is definitely the very best recommendation and if you spot a garden nearby that has had work of this type done, it is a good idea to have a word with the homeowner and ask him who did the work and whether he would be happy to recommend their service.

Useful Website: If you are in the UK and need to call on the services of a professional tree surgeon, just type your postcode into to get a list of tree cutting service and stump removal service providers in your area.

Tree Stump Removal Cost

tree stump removal cost

Cost of tree stump removal must be factored in if the tree needs to be felled or the roots are damaging property

In addition to tree cutting services, if the tree is sizeable and needs felling, tree stump removal cost needs to be factored in. This may be offered as a service from the firm you choose to do the felling of the tree.

The likely costs involved for stump stump grinding services will be around £35 for smaller tees, and £85 – £155 for larger trees (of course, these figures will also be subject to the normal call-out or minimum charge and the addition of VAT).

Other costs you may incur:-

  • Trunk hauling Services: This can cost as much as £175 per tree. Trees that are hauled very often are used as firewood.
  • Branch Chipping: This is generally charged per hour, and can cost between £35- £50 per hour.

There are certain things that you can do to minimize or even avoid the cost of hiring in professionals in the future for this type of job – here are some of the things you can do to save yourself money:-

  • Maintain your trees in the same way that you maintain your garden hedges and, if it is possible for you to prune or trim them annually, do so. Even if you cannot deal with the job yourself, taking prompt action and calling someone in to deal with branches before things get out of hand will be much cheaper than allowing the tree to grow for about five years before seeking tree cutting services.
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    If possible, offset the cost of tree cutting by selling the wood for firewood.

    If a tree has a particularly desirable wood, it may be of interest to carpenters, wood turners and so on.

    For small trees, the tree stump removal cost can be avoided by using a chemical stump remover which is poured into the stump and kills the roots – enabling easier removal.

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