Bosch KEO Cordless Li-Ion Garden Saw

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This is a review of the Bosch KEO Cordless Li-Ion Garden Saw, this model is a very lightweight, compact and extremely useful reciprocating saw that will prove invaluable in the garden. The fact that it is cordless, being powered by the brilliant Bosch Lithium-ion battery, means there is no worry that you will cut through a power cord and you have all the manoeuvrability you need for even the trickiest pruning jobs.

In case you are not sure exactly what a reciprocating saw is, it is one where the blade cuts through the wood by means of a push/pull action of the blade. It is this action which is known as reciprocating. Bosch have created a range of reciprocating saws for many different types of work – you can view the range available at great prices from Amazon if you use the link.

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Bosch KEO Cordless Li-Ion Garden Saw

Bosch KEO Cordless Li-Ion Garden Saw At A Glance

  • Integrated 10.8 v Lithium-ion batteryErgonomically shaped design and soft grip handle
  • Easy change blades thanks to Bosch’s SDS push button technology
  • Interchangeable blades for extra versatility on a range of materials in the home and garden
  • Safety features including quick stop and hand guard
  • A-Grip Hook for ease of cutting unsupported branches
  • Safety lock to prevent accidental activation
  • Easy charging with hi-fi (mobile phone type charger)
  • Swiss precision blade enables branches of up to 80 mm to be cut

This particular Bosch reciprocating saw, is designed exclusively for jobs in the garden and is growing in popularity, judging by the amount of positive feedback I am finding online. One of the best things about this lightweight garden power tool is that it is powered by a rechargeable lithium- ion battery with all the advantages that this type of battery has over the traditional Nickel-Cadmium type.

If you have not used tools with lithium-ion batteries before, you will soon be a convert. First of all, these batteries do not self-discharge provided that you store them in cool, dry conditions. This is a real blessing as there is nothing worse than deciding to get on with a job during a break in the weather – only to find you have to wait for the battery to charge!

The other benefit is that there is no ‘memory effect’ as with earlier types of rechargeable battery. What used to happen is that each time you recharged a battery, it took a little less charge – making the time between recharges, shorter and shorter. This just does not happen with a lithium-ion battery, it recharges fully, ever time and can even be recharged as many as four times as often as the older type.

Finally, they only take three hours to charge fully by means of a simple hi-fi charger – and they weigh only half that of traditional batteries but deliver all the power – you can see why I am a convert! Continue reading

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Black and Decker GT100 and GT115 Reviews

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The Black and Decker Gt100 and Black and Decker GT115 hedge trimmers are very similar in price and performance. They are both lightweight machines with more than respectable capabilities. Very lightweight in fact, so perhaps not quite as robust and durable as some of the competition, but then they are so very affordable.

They are not meant for heavy duty work and those with large and rampant hedges should perhaps choose more powerful machines. But for smaller hedges and even some topiary work they are more than adequate and their light weight makes them a pleasure to use. They can handle branches up to 1/2″ to 5/8″ thick and both models simply glide through leafy twigs.

Safety First.
Black & Decker has emphasized safety in the design and both machines require two-handed operation. This does affect reach, especially when standing on a ladder, but at least there is little risk of injuring your hands. There is also a safety shield for protection against flying debris. Be warned, though: it is very easy to sever the cord – as several reviewers discovered!

Black and Decker GT100 and GT115 Comparison

Important differences:

—– GT100 GT115
Blade Length 42cm 55cm
Weight 2.6kg 2.7kg
Motor 400W 420W

Common features:

  • Lightweight
  • Dual action blades
  • Safety brake
  • Safety shields

Black and Decker GT100

Black and Decker GT100

The intention with both the Black & Decker Gt100 and Black & Decker GT115 hedge trimmers seems to have been to produce an inexpensive piece of equipment which is at the same time adequate for most home gardener’s purposes. The GT100 was reasonably popular, but there were criticisms of the blade length. The GT115 was then produced to address this issue. The differences in weight and power are minimal, and where the GT100 was perhaps a bit too powerful for the blade length, the GT115 seems to be spot on. Generally, it can be said that the quality for the price is very good. Continue reading

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