McCulloch MAC 738 Petrol Chainsaw Review

If you need a really efficient petrol chainsaw that is really easy to start, and which has great safety, and ergonomic design features, the McCulloch MAC 738 could well be what you are looking for.

It gets really good reviews online from customers of all ages (this machine is pretty lightweight at only 5.5 kg so easy for older or female users) and is available on line at a great price too! This machine is designed to deal with cutting of trees and logs on your property and, judging by the reviews online, makes a pretty good job of things!

McCulloch MAC 738 petrol chainsaw

The McCulloch MAC 738 has an advanced engine system with a displacement of 38 cubic cm, delivering a powerful 1.5 kW and is designed to provide the double bonus of extra power with lower fuel consumption using McCulloch’s EcoBoost system. Another great bonus for the operator of a petrol chainsaw is that this machine has reduced exhaust emissions. The fuel tank is 0.34 litres and the oil tank 0.2 litres. The fuel primer combined with the electronic ignition system makes starting easy and reliable.

The length of the blade is 35 cm and the speed 18.5 metres per second the oil pump, capable of delivering between 4-8 ml per minute, lubricates the chain automatically. Safety features include a chain brake which is dual mounted and has automatic inertia activation. There is also a combined stop/choke switch and ergonomically designed handles with an anti vibration system.

McCulloch MAC 738

If you have never used a chainsaw before, you may not be aware of the dangers of ‘kickback’*(see explanation below). Whilst the McCulloch MAC 738 is equipped with an anti-kickback system, you should make sure to read the instruction book carefully before using this chainsaw and wear proper safety equipment including chainsaw gloves when operating it.

*A brief explanation of Kickback
Kickback is one of the major dangers of operating a chainsaw and can result in serious injury. It is a sudden backward, upward or forward movement of the chain guide bar which happens when the chain near the tip of the guide bar a hard object such as a log, branch or stone. Kickback happens in three major ways:

  • Rotational Kickback happens when the chainsaw is in operation and the moving chain comes into contact with a hard object at the upper tip of the guide bar. This is frightening when it happens as the chain can dig into this object and this stops the chainsaw for an instant. The reverse reaction which happens is instantaneous and kicks back the guide bar in an upward motion back towards the person operating the chainsaw.Pinch-Kickback happens when you are cutting through wood and the chain gets pinched inside the log or tree and this again causes the blade to stop dead which reverses the force and makes the saw kick back in the opposite direction to the rotation of the blade, sending it straight back towards the operator.Pull-in actually takes the saw in the opposite direction to the operator and occurs when the saw blade hits a foreign object like a nail in wood. Because this contact is with the bottom of the chain guide bar, the saw can be wrenched out of the operators hands or pull him forward with dangerous consequences.
  • The manual supplied with the McCulloch MAC 738 explains how to avoid all these instances which shows how important it is to know what you are doing when operating a chainsaw! A chainsaw, used properly is a brilliant addition to your power tools, it does what a hedge trimmer cannot and enables you to maintain your property and keep your wood burning stove supplied with fuel without the effort of using a manual saw.

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