Makita PTR2500 Long Reach Petrol Hedge Trimmer

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The Makita PTR2500 is a superb tool for cutting all your hedges, shrubs and bushes, especially high and wide hedging.

Whether you are maintaining your own garden or are a gardening professional, this machine really delivers on its promise of ease of use and powerful motor.

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This model has a double sided cutting blade, 22” in length (56 cm) which articulates 0 degrees to 135 degrees and is powered by a reliable, robust and powerful 24.5 cc two stroke engine delivering almost one horse-power.

Customer Review

Good bit of kit This was my second purchase for the ptr2500, first was stolen but I purchased the same trimmer again, I own a lot of machinery and this starts easy and cuts well. Pros. Easy starting, adjustable longer blades than most, quiet for a 2 stroke. Cons. Blades dont fold back to shaft. Brian

Makita PTR2500 Long Reach Hedge TrimmerOne of the great features is the comfortable to use, loop handle which has a soft and padded grip to minimise vibration in use and maximise comfort for the operator. The machine is also well-balanced, an important consideration with any long reach cutter as the longer blades can tend to make this type of machine unwieldy and difficult to manoeuvre if it is not.

As you will know, one of the great joys of using a long reach hedge trimmer is that you are enabled to cut taller hedging and shrubs without having to climb up ladders or work from an off-the-ground cutting platform. This is a big consideration with regard to speed of operation if you are a commercial gardener and also with regard to safety, especially if you are an older home-gardener who wants to be able to continue maintaining his own garden.

The Makita PTR2500 has a fuel primer which makes starting really easily every time. The large fuel tank holds up to 0.65 litres of fuel (50-1 mix) and is positioned so that filling is a very simple operation.

Makita PTR2500 handle


• Engine: 2-Stroke
• Cubic Capacity: 24.5cc
• Horsepower: 0.98hp (DIN)
• Tank Capacity: 0.65 Litre

• Blade Length: 56cm (22″)
• Blade Type: Double Sided
• Power Rating: 0.73Kw
• Net Weight: 6.1kg
• Maximum Length: 2408mm

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Top Tip: For those thicker twigs and small branches higher up that are too big for your hedge trimmer to cut through safely, the Fiskars Telescopic Universal Cutter 220656 with Wilkinson Sword blades (pictured above) is a great choice (link takes you to the Amazon product page). This model features a cutting head that can rotate through 240 degrees mounted on a lightweight telescoping pole that when fully extended, will reach 4 metres. This is a robust tool and is cleverly designed so that the blades work on a geared system which is operated through an internal pully system to provide you with three times more cutting power delivered through the bypass blades.

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