Kawasaki Single-Sided KHS-750-B Petrol Hedge Trimmer

The Kawasaki single-sided KHS-750-B petrol hedge trimmer is powered by the well proven TH23V forced air cooled engine which is a two stroke 22cc low noise engine, engineered to be both compact and lightweight for portability.

This is a lightweight machine with advanced vibration damping technology.  Great attention has been given to the design as this model is superbly balanced enabling precision control across the full range of operating positions as well as reducing operator fatigue.

The superior blade design of this model which features 30” (750mm) single sided blades with ¼” (35mm) tooth pitch. These blades provide exceptionally fast and precise cutting quality from the double reciprocating, perfectly sharpened and closely fitted upper and lower cutting edges. Blade speed is 7000 rpm.

Kawasaki KHS 750B Petrol Hedge Trimmer

Safety features include the protection of the operator with heat shrouds fitted to all heat producing components and the gear case is fully covered and fitted with a safety guard. There is also a safety blade protector and the unit is supplied with a blade case.

There is a lifetime warranty on the electronic solid state ignition module and the KHS750 features an improved safety feature in the form of the combined stop switch and throttle lever. The rotary throttle design of the carburettor with lift up lever provides for quick and easy starting and a clever feature is that the starting enrichment disengages automatically as soon as the throttle is applied. There is a highly efficient air cleaner of the felt panel type which give great durability and reliability.

Engine size 22.5 cc
Fuel Tank capacity 0.5 litres
Nett Weight 5.4 kilograms

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