Flymo EasiCut 600XT 500 Watt 60cm Cut Hedge Trimmer Review

If you are looking for a lightweight electric hedge trimmer with that little bit extra in terms of reach and flexibility, the Flymo Easicut 600XT could well tick all the boxes for you.

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flymo easicutIdeally suited for those with medium sized gardens with hedges that do not get wildly out of control, the Flymo Easicut will effortlessly cut through twiggy branches up to 22 mm in diameter (somewhere between half and three quarters of an inch) thanks to a powerful 500 watt motor.

The diamond ground, double sided blades are sixty centimetres in length and with the extra reach handle, help you to achieve a neat finish on taller and wide hedges, shrubs and bushes.

The 600XT is supplied with a twelve metre cable which is very useful as it avoids the use of an extension cable in most cases. What I particularly like about this model are two safety features. The first of these is the quick stop feature which cuts out the blade action in a fraction of a second and the second is the belt clip to which you attach the cable and which is very helpful in keeping the cable away from the blade and the possibility of accident or injury from this.

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This is a lightweight machine, weighing in at only 3 kg. Nevertheless, with the extended reach handle and the longer blade length, if you are cutting at full reach for any length of time, even this light weight starts to feel quite heavy. However, weighed against this is the fact that with a blade length of 60 cm, the machine does ‘whizz through’ most cutting jobs pretty quickly so in the average sized garden, fatigue is not really going to be an issue.

The only person who gave a poor review of this trimmer on Amazon had obviously not realized that even with the extended reach, you still need to use both hands for trimming. Other than that, most people seem very happy with it, commenting on the ease of use, speed and efficiency of the machine.

“The product is great. Much better than previous hedge cutter. The length of the cutter makes all the difference. Cuts down the work time considerably.”

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The machine comes fully assembled with the exception of the handguard which just needs slotting and locking into place. Don’t ever be tempted to operate the trimmer without the handguard, this is a vital safety feature. The manual supplied with the Flymo Easicut 600XT gives clear and concise operating instructions with diagrams, including how to clip the cable into the belt clip and the procedure for starting the machine. If you would like to view the manual for more details before deciding on a purchase, use this link to open a copy of the manual online.

This trimmer is definitely excellent value for money and the Flymo EasiCut 600XT 500-Watt 60cm Cut Hedge Trimmer is currently on sale at a discount from Amazon in the UK with free shipping.

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