Buy a Safety Helmet, Ear Muffs and Visor set from Draper

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Draper 69933 Safety Helmet with Ear Defenders and VisorDraper have put together this great set comprising a Safety Helmet with Ear Muffs and Visor, ideal when you are working with your petrol hedge trimmer or any noisy garden machinery where you need ear defenders in addition to eye protection.

The straps are fully adjustable so you can get the helmet to fit snugly and safely. This has a strong and sturdy high density polyethylene shell to protect your head and is fitted with a clear polycarbonate visor. This is inevitably going to get scratched in use so it is just as well that Draper also sell this item separately so you do not have to buy a complete set again.

The set arrives, packed in a carton with all the necessary fitting and adjustment details enclosed – although from some of the reviews I have read, the product is excellent but the instructions are not very clear. One reviewer said

“It took ages to work out but what you need to do is take each of the 4 plastic fittings and fold them over the band. There is a white crease line already in the plastic. The keys then easily slide into the slots. Also its not obvious that the visor band fits into the ear defenders.”

If you already wear glasses and find that goggles are too difficult or uncomfortable on top of these, or if you have had trouble with goggles steaming up when wearing them, the visor provides an excellent alternative. If you need to clean the visor, I would recommend rinsing it with warm soapy water and not trying to rub off dirt with a cloth or brush (or worse, your working gloves) as you will very quickly cause the material to ‘haze’ – cleaning with soapy water and then drying with a paper towel is the most effective way to do it.
All the reviews I have read, rate the ear defenders as very effective which is reassuring considering how inexpensive this product is.

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Helmet conforms to EN 397 Specifications
Ear Defenders conform to PR EN 352-3 Specifications
Visor conforms to EN 166-3B/EN 1731 F Specifications

Other popular alternatives to this safety helmet combo include:-
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