Bosch Isio Shape and Edge Review

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The Bosch Isio Shape and Edge makes a great choice if you are looking for a tool to do the ‘fine tuning’ of your precision shaping and trimming of shrubs, topiary or box hedging. It also makes a fabulous job of lawn edging and lawn trimming round trees and shrubs. Seventy-three out of ninety-five customers who have given hedge trimmer reviews of this model gave it five stars!

You will find all you need in the tin when your Bosch Isio Shape and Edge arrives in one neat little package. Powered by a powerful, rechargeable 3.6v Lithium-ion battery, it has two simple to change blade heads, one for trimming shrubs and hedging, the other for edging the lawn.

Extract from customer review:-Bosch Isio

“The Isio is to hedge trimmers what the Black & Decker Mouse is to sanders – it’s for fine work. If you want to trim a hedge, buy a hedge trimmer. If you want to trim a cone/spiral/ball-shaped box plant, it’s ideal.”

This tool is so lightweight and easy to use and Bosch appear to have thought of every eventuality as they also supply (separately available), a long, telescopic handle which you can attach so that you can trim the edges of your grass or reach tricky to get at bits on taller shrubs without stretching or bending – which I must admit is becoming more appealing as I get older!

Boschi Isio Shape and EdgeExtract from customer review:-

“Edging blade attachment: I didn’t want this but am so pleased I got it. It’s not just for edging the lawn – I used to hate trimming round the trees on our lawn. I used to hold the grass in one hand, shears between my knees & cut one-handed – a pain in the neck. Now I just walk around the tree – it takes three seconds.

I particularly like the very neat feature which Bosch call an Anti-Blocking System. This is what prevents the machine from stalling if you come across a thicker patch of grass or bigger twigs in the hedge that the blades cannot cope with at first slice. What happens is that the clever micro-electronic circuitry inside the Isio Shape and Edge detect this immediately and adjust the blades so that they rund with a reciprocating motion to power through this thicker obstacle.

Another neat feature of this great little tool that only weighs 550g – the eco-friendly, Lithium-ion battery is 50% lighter than equivalent Nickel-cadmium ones and this is where the weight saving comes in – so with its soft and comfortable to grip handle, it is a tool that you can use for long periods without fatigue – you get around 50 minutes of continuous operation from a full charge of the battery. I particularly like it for shaping jobs as it is easy to get the cutting angle exactly right for precision cutting when required.

Great value, especially accompanied with the Bosch two year parts and labour guarantee. You can get the Bosch Isio Shape and Edge at a great price of only £43.16 from Amazon in the UK (that’s a saving of 28%!).

If you live in the US, stock the equivalent model, the SKIL 8120 3.6-Volt Lithium Ion Isio 2-N-1 Cordless Shrub And Grass Shear at a great price too!

You always know when the Bosch Isio Shape and Edge needs charging as it has a little LED battery indicator light at the top of the tool (steady green is fully charged, flashing green you are down to about 20% left and red means you need to plug in the charger!).

Bosch Isio Video Demonstration


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It only takes about three and a half hours to fully recharge the battery supplied with the Bosch Isio and a couple of really great things about this type of battery are firstly that Lithium-ion batteries will not discharge in storage (provided you store the tool in a cool, dry place), and secondly that the battery FULLY recharges each time (i.e. that there is no ‘memory’ effect which leads to less and less charge going into the battery each time until finally it is useless). This means that your battery for this tool will last about four times longer than a standard battery.

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