Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 and 25D Garden Shredder Reviews

Bosch Garden Shredder

Bosch Garden Shredder

Investing in a Bosch garden shredder could certainly change the way you get your autumn clear-up done in the garden. A shredder does away with the problem of how to deal with all the cuttings and prunings from hedges, trees and shrubs. It is helpful in the garden all the year round too as whenever you have garden debris to dispose of, a shredder will quickly and efficiently turn this into mulch for flowerbeds or to add to the compost heap.

There is certainly a wide range of products on the market. Determining which one is the right choice, though, can be hard to do. Bosch is a trusted name in garden machinery and produces several shredders. In my opinion, the two I have listed here are amongst the best on the market for the home user. Take a look at the brief review I have provided for each and follow up with a visit to the product page using the link I have provided. You will see they are both available at a great price and with speedy delivery, you will be able to get all those clear up jobs underway quickly and efficiently in your garden.

The Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 Promotional Video

One of the most popular options is the Bosch AXT 2200. This product offers great features and comes highly recommended. It has a 40mm cutting capacity with a 2200-watt power high torque design motor. This means this system works very well – Bosch claim that this machine has seven times the cutting power of shredders with conventional blades, certainly the laser-cut blades of this machine turn garden waste into mulch or shreds suitable for adding to the compost in record time and with minimum effort.

extract from customer review:-

“We bought this following a Which? review saying it was the most efficient garden shredder they had tested – we have not been disappointed.”

Bosch AXT Rapid 2200

Bosch AXT Rapid 2200

I like the fact that the AXT 2200 is easy to put together and easy to move around the garden as it has wheels and at only 12 kilos in weight is no trouble to shift to where I want to use it. I also like the plunger supplied, which makes it really easy to push the material to be shredded, safely into the machine. It also saves my back a bit as I don’t have to bend to get the branches in! Another nice feature is that it is pretty quiet in operation.

The Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 as you would expect from a machine from Bosch comes with a two year parts and labour warranty and has the built-in safety features such as the reverse running and a system for releasing blockage which is very helpful and means there is no need to try to prise out any material that gets stuck with this Bosch garden shredder.

extract from customer review:-

“The machine is the best one I have had. It is well designed and constructed and also very powerful. The blade wears well (if you follow the advice above and also make sure no stones find their way in to the machine) and is a bit cheaper than most brands to replace.”

This machine does not come with a collection bag but these are available as an inexpensive accessory and to be honest, a plastic storage crate placed underneath is just as efficient and makes the shreds easy to carry to where they are needed.

Top Tip: Make sure that the material you put into your shredder (whatever type you choose) is clean and free from soil as at the speeds these machines operate, soil acts like an abrasive and will quickly dull the blades of the machine, making it less efficient.

The Bosch AXT 25D Shredder

Another Bosch garden shredder is the Bosch AXT 25D. This system is an outstanding tool for several key reasons. It has more power than the other system with 2500 watts. It also has an induction motor that features a “Cut and Crush” design. This keeps it cutting without a lot of noise. It can also cut as much as 40mm in diameter, making it more than adequate for most requirements of the home user. This system also has a detachable hopper which not only allows for easy loading of the machine, but it also enables safe release of any blockages that occur.

extract from customer review:-

Bosch AXT 25D

Bosch AXT 25D

“I have been prompted to write this review after it has manfully chewed its way through the foliage of an entire oak tree which we have just had felled. The larger branches will be cut up and burnt in our woodburner but everything else went into the AXT 25D to be turned into a handy supply of wood chippings. It has only ever jammed once when it choked on a particularly hard knot but apart from that it has performed faultlessly. It’s probably not the machine to buy if you want to mash up soft garden cuttings but for the woody stuff it’s great.”

This Bosch garden shredder is cleverly designed to fold into itself to enable it to be stored under a garage workbench or in a small shed, yet it has a 53 litre collecting box which means fewer emptyings during your shredding operation. It also has a touch pad control panel, perfect for those who want to have ultimate control over the system. The pulse reverse feature is also unique and can help the user quickly to get through any potential problems before they worsen. This system is highly effective and easy to use.

extract from customer review:-

Much better than I imagined, the Bosch AXT 25D Shredder munches through and drags in the rest of what a much bigger and much more expensive shredder I’d hired the week before just couldn’t cope with. There were many branches I’d simply left the week before because the bigger shredder couldn’t cope with the old dry, dead branches.

Overall Verdict on these Bosch Garden Shredders

If you have a lot of green leafy and twiggy material to shred, my recommendation would be to go for the Rapid 2200 as this machine copes better with green stuff without jamming. However, if you have a greater proportion of woody material up to around 1.5″ in diameter, the 25D would be the better bet.

On balance, bearing in mind my disposal requirements in my own garden, mostly green twiggy hedge stuff and shrub prunings, the Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 fits the bill perfectly. However, if I had a larger garden with a lot of tree and larger shrub prunings to dispose of, I would choose the Bosch AXT 25D Shredder. On price, the Rapid 2200 wins hands down and the Which recommendation really sold it to me in the end.

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