Bosch AHS 52 Accu Cordless Hedgecutter Review

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The Bosch AHS 52 Accu Cordless Hedgecutter makes a great choice if you have an average sized garden without a huge amount of ‘rough’ hedging to trim. This tool gets great reviews, with 72 out of the 93 reviewers who have left a review on Amazon at the time of writing giving the maximum possible five stars and a further 13 giving it four stars.

The Bosch AHS 52 Accu Cordless Hedgecutter is a real workhorse, despite being lightweight (weighing only 2.6 kg), and easy to handle for almost everyone. It is designed to be quiet in operation and offers very low, almost vibration free running.

Bosch AHS 52 Accu Cordless HedgecutterIt has been ergonomically designed to ensure that you suffer less fatigue in the way of strain on your arms whilst using it and it has some nice safety features, including a two trigger start system and a blade protector cover for safe transport and storage.

Its 52 cm blade length makes quick work of hedge trimming and its 15 mm tooth spacing means that this is the maximum thickness of twig you should attempt to cut through with it. Fifteen millimetres is half an inch, so on a reasonably well-maintained hedge, this should never be a problem.

The blades are diamond-ground and extremely sharp offering a really clean cut which prevents the ‘browning’ associated with rough cutting on hedges. The blades are double edged so that you can cut in either direction which is a particularly useful feature.

Bosch AHS 52 battery pack

The Bosch AHS 52 Accu Cordless Hedgecutter is supplied complete with two 14.4v/1.5Ah batteries and a battery charger. The tool is covered by the manufacturer’s pretty comprehensive guarantee for both parts and labour. The Nickel Cadmium batteries are fast charging, the guidelines state that they can be fully charged in just three hours on other pages I have read online – however the manual that comes with the trimmer states three to four hours. As two batteries are supplied, each with a running time of 55 minutes on a full charge, you should have more than enough battery power in your hedge trimmer to complete your gardening tasks. In addition, the fact that this trimmer is battery powered means that you benefit from no trailing cord which can be so dangerous and difficult to work with in the garden. Another benefit with the batteries supplied is that they can be used with any other Bosch tools which use this type of battery.

If you like to have everything to hand to make a really tidy job of your hedge trimming, there are some accessories that you may be interested in purchasing along with your trimmer.   First of all, there is the “Collecto ” which cleverly sweeps the trimmings and clippings from the tops of your hedges and secondly, a “Hedge Clipping Sheet” to position under your working area to make cleanup almost instant!

To prolong the life of your new hedge trimmer, do the following after each use:
1.    Remove the battery
2.    Put on protective gloves
3.    Clean the cutting blade
4.    Lubricate the blade with protective spray

hedge trimmerIn addition to the above, if you are using the trimmer for an extended period of time, Lubricate the blade periodically with the protective spray.

After each use, check for any obvious problems such as damage to the blade, any loose fixings and make sure that the safety covers and guards are correctly in place.

Before storing, check that the blade bolts are tightened and cover the blade with the blade guard.

Finally, a read through of the manual supplied with your Bosch AHS 52 Accu Cordless Hedgecutter will ensure you are familiar with all the components and instructions for safe use and storage and ensure that you get maximum benefit from your new tool.
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